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Icon Office Screenshots

Icon Office Features

  • Multi-tab icon library browser

    At first glance, they look like little labels living above the icon library you're currently visiting. But they are a brilliant way to browse multiple icon libraries at once. Simple and easy, you can think of them as the electronic version of a well kept filing cabinet, with the tabs as the dividers and the icon libraries as the content kept in folders.

    Each icon library appears as a new tab (not a new window) and can be accessed in one click.

  • Manage Icon Libraries like Windows Explorer
    Build and maintain icon libraries as desired with no limit on the number of icons in each library. Manage icon libraries, library categories with a hierarchical structure like Windows Explorer. Scan for and eliminate duplicate icons. Search icons by keyword.
  • Create icons from files or folder
    There're 4 ways to extract or create icons using Icon Office:
    Extract icons from exe, dll, icl, ico, cur format files
    Create icons from bmp, jpg, gif, png image files
    Extract icons from directories or whole hard disk(s).
    Dragging support files from Windows Explorer or any open folder to Icon Office
  • Export icons to icl, ico, bmp, gif, png, jpeg files
    With Icon Office, you can convert any format icon to:
    ICL (Icon library), ICO (Icon), GIF (.gif), JPEG (.jpg), PNG 8 (.png, 256 colors), PNG 24 (.png, true color), PNG 32 (.png, true color + alpha channel), BMP 8 (.bmp, 256 colors), BMP 24 (.bmp, true color)
  • Make icon transparent
    IconLibrary Maker making icon background transparent.