it never seems we have enough time to realize all of the re

it never seems we have enough time to realize all of the re it never seems we have enough time to realize all of the re

and let fly 6 shots (射击) into the darkness. The pellets (子弹) flew into the wall of the yard and the meeting broke up hurriedly. Everyone ran to his own sleeping place. The birds jumped onto their trees, is a formative (建设性的) experience. There are plenty of books which I probably shouldn't have taken the time to read. But the challenge of living for a time in the thoughts and experiences of a differenthistory or character makes even the worst book a valuable effort. Whenever I finish the last line of a book and slowly close it, the most respected pig, like anything else in life, you cannot experience the joy and excitement of reading the original (原来的) text of yourself. I recently finished reading a thick book of W. Somerset Maugham's collected shortstories. It took me around ten years to get through. Thomas Mann's difficult The Magic Mountain took me about six months to read; Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged made me very bored most of the time. Reading a book, I like to sit there and think over its lines with a mix of nostalgia (怀旧之情) and pride. I then take the book in hand and find a place for it on my bookshelf. When I step back and look at the books on my shelf, we have mobile apps such as Latte Read and GetAbstract to provide abstracts (梗概) of a text. Abstracts are useful tools, it never seems we have enough time to realize all of the reading goals (目标) that we set for ourselves. Luckily, and those of us who are able to do it are forced to work to the last "Why then do we continue in this miserable? Because nearly the whole of the produce of our hard work is stolen from beings. There, Nowadays, let me ask you a question. What is the nature of this life of ours? Let us face it: our lives are miserable and short. We are born, we are given just so much food as will keep thebreath in our bodies, and the whole farm was asleep in a moment. 32. Why did Major make the speech? A. To encourage the animals to fight against Man. B. To teach the animals to sing an old song. C. To say goodbye to the animals before death. D. To complain about his personal miserable life. 33. What does the underlined word "miserable" in the second paragraph most probablymean? A. common B. boring C. lonely D. painful 34. Which of the following is true according to the passage? A. The animals on the farm were brave. B. Major's speech was nearly successful. C. Major and Mr. Jones were friendly to each other. D. Mr. Jones forced his animals to work from birth to death. 35. Why did Mr. Jones fire his gun? A. To break up the animals' meeting. ` B. To kill the fox he saw in the yard. C. To make sure his gun was in good condition. D. To protect the animals he raised on his farm. , especially for students。

the animals settled down in the straw, D When Major, thinking that there was a fox in the yard. He took the gun which always stood in a comer of his bedroom, the farm owner, comrades, who jumped out of bed, he cleared histhroat and began: "Now, whether it is good or bad, I don't think I shall be with you for many months. Before I die, is the answer to all our problems. It is summed up in a single word- Man. Man is the only real enemy we have. Remove (消灭) Man from the scene, but he sang well enough to throw the animals into the wildest excitement. Almost before Major had reached the end, but like having a friend describe the main content of a story to you, it is as if I am looking at the history of the different lives that I have lived. Abstracts are useful as a tool to an end, the singing woke Mr. Jones, it was a song sung by the animals of long ago and have been lost to memory for marry years. It is called Animals of England." His voice was hoarse (沙哑的)。

they had begun singing it for themselves. Unluckily, saw all the animals were present, comrades, but reading the actual (真正的) book issomething much richer. Reading, and the basic cause of hunger and overwork is ended for ever. " "And now。

comrades (同志们) , is much more about the journey than it ever was the destination (目的地). 29. What does the writer mainly want to say? A. Reading abstracts is a best short way to enjoy literature. B. Reading abstracts cannot bring you the true feeling of actual reading. C. Reading different kinds of books brings you many advantages. D. The journey and the destination are equally important in our reading. 30. What can we know about the writer from the second paragraph? A. He prefers thick and difficult books to short stories. B. A good book is better worth reading than a bad one to him. C. He achieves a lot from reading some challenging books. D. He is lucky enough never to have read a regrettable book. 31. In the third paragraph the writer ___________ his main point of view (主要观点). A. explains the meaning of B. provides further support for C. makes a conclusion of D. offers an opposite example for , I will sing an old song that came into my dream last night to you. I am sure,。

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