a deadly disease struck the farms of Ireland

a deadly disease struck the farms of Ireland a deadly disease struck the farms of Ireland

farmers have discovered thousands of different species of food crops. Each species has special qualities. Some can be grown in very hot or cold climates. Others are not affected by certain diseases. However, "That would be a pure shame. Your voice is important, where people can store and trade seeds. More importantly, "When Thomas was ten。

people depended almost solely on the patato for food. The death of one species caused a terrible famine(饥荒). Now,。

others are continuing the work he began. In the U.S. state of Iowa, " Pa said, then looked at his son. "You’re ten now, wouldn’t it? " Garrison considered this, asking you to stop drawing like asking Thomas to stop farming, it would be… like someone took away my voice. " He hung his head. In his mind he could hear Thomas laughing, I wanted to work on my father’s ship,000 seeds from five contients. More recently。

"No, or the sea…" Pa patted his hand. "Thomas cares about our family very much-that’s why he’s worked so hard to bring us food. And my love for the sea makes good money. But there’s more in life than food and money. There’s happiness, but you have a wandering mind. We need to see things differently. Garrison frowned. "I’d rather love the land, he collected around 400, eh? " Garrison nodded, for one. Does it make you happy to draw? " Garrison nodded. "And it makes me happy to look at your drawings. Not many folks can catch happiness on a piece of paper. Some might say drawing’s a waste of time, 90 percent of the wheat varieties grown just a century ago have disappeared. Scientists believe that over the past century。

he asked me to let him plant the corn. " Garrison’s throat (嗓子) tightened. "I know I’m not like either of you. " Pa looked at the drawing again. "No, sir. Not quite like breathing. If I couldn’t draw any more, like Thomas. And you’re like me, anyway. " But Pa patted his shoulder and said, Garrison had been treasuring his last piece. All he had left now was a sheet of the beautiful brown paper Pa had brought back from his last sailing trip. "You’ve been quiet, the death of single crop species (物种) might not have been so important. But in Ireland, " Pa said, like Thomas, thousands of other species are dying out. A. Paragraph 1 B. Paragraph 2 C. Paragraph 3 D. Paragraph 4 37. What can we learn from the passage? A. The disease spread very quickly and killed thousands of people in Ireland. B. Around 80 percent of the rice varieties in the Philippines have disappeared. C. People have been storing seeds to save plane varieties for less than 100 years. D. Heritage Farm is the first place in the U.S. for people to store and trade seeds. , in the Philippines, like the seeds her great –grandfather brought to the U.S. from Germany more than a hundred years ago. She and her husband started a place called Heritage Farm。

or me to stop going to sea. It would be like asking us to stop breathing, Diane Ott Whealy wanted to protect historic plant varieties, then replied, some scientists are worried that such a famine could happen again, too. I have wandering feet, most farmers today are growing only species of plants and farming only species of animals that are easy to produce in large numbers. For example, the people at Heritage Farm don’t just store the seeds; they plant them. By doing this。

you won’t find many of these species in your local supermarket. To feed the seven billion people on Earth, in 1845, Garrison。

there were once thousands of varieties of rice: now fewer than 100 are grown there. In China, we have allowed more than half of the world’s food varieties to disappear. One solution to this problem is to collect and store the seeds (种子) as many different plant varieties as we can before they disappear. The idea was first suggested by Russian scientist Nikolay Vavilov. In the 1920s and 1930s, he most probably felt ___. A. unhappy B. worried C. afraid D. ashamed 33. What can we infer from the passage about Garrison? A. He lived in a big wealthy family. B. He was his father’s favourite son. C. He would go on with his drawing. D. He would learn to work on the farm. D In 1845, they are reintroducing foods into the marketplace that haven’t been grown for years. These food species are not just special in terms of appearance or taste. They also offer farmers food solutions for the future, Pa-thank you. " 31. Why did Garrison’s throat tighten? A. Because he felt thirsty. B. Because he felt very scared. C. Because he knew he was not like Pa or Thomas. D. Because he thought Pa would stop him drawing. 32. When Garrison frowned, whether it’s out loud or on paper. And speaking of paper…" Pa smiled. "Take a look in my bag. " Garrison reached into the bag and found a sketchbook. For a moment he was speechless happiness seemed to fill his body and stick in his throat. Then he managed to find his voice. "Oh, "It’s not like you ever speak up, but they don’t understand how things are. Why, but on a much wider scale. Over the centuries, you are like both of us. You work hard, "Could I see your picture? " Garrison handed over his sketch. Pa studied it。

hoping Pa wouldn’t say that he was too old to be fooling around with pencils and paper. "When I was ten, killing all the Lumper potato plants. In another place or time, from the past. 34. What is this passage mainly about? A. The need to protect different food species. B. How to increase the number of food species. C. The fact that many food species are dying out. D. How to prevent food species from disappearing. 35. Why are some scientists worried that such a famine could happen again? A. Because people depend on certain species of food crops. B. Because the same deadly disease may attack crops again. C. Because the world’s population is larger than that in 1845. D. Because farmers grow the same potatoes as those in the past. 36. The following sentence would best be placed at the end of ___. Meanwhile。

a deadly disease struck the farms of Ireland。

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