appRain CMF v0.1.5 多个web缺陷及修复

appRain CMF v0.1.5 多个web缺陷及修复appRain CMF v0.1.5 多个web缺陷及修复

appRain CMF v0.1.5 - Multiple Web Vulnerabilities



appRain is one of the first officially released Opensource Content Management Framework (CMF).

CMF is a new web engineering concept where CMS (Content Management System) and Framework

perform together to produce endless varieties of output in a very limited time.

appRain, published with lots of extensive features to reduce our development work time.

It satisfies both Client and Developers with a safe and quality output.

(Copy of the Vendor Homepage:



Vulnerability-Lab Team discovered multiple web vulnerabilities on the new appRain CMF v0.1.5






appRain CMF v0.1.5






Multiple web vulnerabilities are detected on the new appRain CMF v0.1.5.


A SQL Injection vulnerability is detected on the appRain CMF v0.1.5. The bug allows an remote attacker to inject/execute own sql

statements over the vulnerable param request. Successful exploitation of the bug can lead to dbms & cms compromise.

Vulnerable Module(s):

[+] Forum (SQL Injection)


A non-persistent cross site scripting vulnerability is detected on appRain CMF v0.1.5. The vulnerability allows remote

attackers to hijack skype customer sessions via cross site scripting. Successful exploitation of the client-side vulnerability

can result in session hijacking & account steal (user/customer/moderator/administrator).

Vulnerable Module(s):

[+] Search  (Cross Site Scripting)

Proof of Concept:


The vulnerabilities can be exploited by remote attackers. For example or reproduce ...

1.1 /quickstart/profile/-1%20union%20all%20select%201,2,3,@@version,@@datadir,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,17,18,19--

1.2 /quickstart/search

POST: Inject anything script related into ss

<form method="post" action="">

<input type="text" name="ss" class="src-box" value="" />

<input type="submit" class="src-btn" value="Search" />





Use the prepared statement class to fix the sql injection vulnerability & filter sql error requests.

Set error(0) to prevent against information disclosure via exceptions or error reports.


Parse the input fields and restrict characters like () > <   \\ /  etc to prevent against script inclusion.

Parse also the vulnerable output sections were the script code is getting executed out of the module context.



The security risk of the SQL injection is estimated as critical.

The security risk of the non-persistent cross site vulnerability is estimated as low(+) because of high required user inter action.

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