Vanna Bonta Flight Audiobook Launched, Novelist/Actress Merg

Vanna Bonta Flight Audiobook Launched, Novelist/Actress MergVanna Bonta Flight Audiobook Launched, Novelist/Actress Merg

  LOS ANGELES, Jan. 8 /PRNewswire/ -- Vanna Bonta''s breakframe ''quantum fiction'' novel, Flight, has been launched on and iTunes.

Described as a quirky masterpiece, the novel was ahead of its time when first published in 1996. Today, the quantum view of reality as understood by the new physics has become popularized by celebrity non-fiction titles such as The Secret and What the Bleep.

Bonta, who has contributed her voice as an actress to blockbuster feature films such as Disney''s Beauty and the Beast and Hocus Pocus, performs 17 unabridged hours of narration of her novel. The love story weaves a writer''s intertwining dreams and reality as he falls in love with a woman who is what Alice in Wonderland would be if she were living in the 21st century. Aira Flight, a soulful and innocent heroine who mysteriously lacks a navel, struggles with all the current topics of urban angst but brings a cosmic perspective to everyday life, proving that beauty and intelligence are not opposites.

Since its hardcover publication, Flight has gained a worldwide fan base sparking spirited discussions and debate. The book received glowing praise from Publishers Weekly, the American Library Association Booklist, and other trade reviews. Paperback editions along with an e-book in 2003 followed.

A recently recorded interview with Bonta about the controversial emerging genre is available from online booksellers. Bonta is expected to define ''quantum fiction'' which, like all visionary innovations, has drawn detraction and high praise. A spokesman declined to comment on sequel, reprint and ancillary movie rights to be offered later this year.

Bonta''s Flight plays out a love story in several dimensions and entertains the concept that perception affects and possibly creates physical reality. This was proven when a rocket science engineer, Allen Newcomb, who fell in love and proposed to the author when he read her book, named his entree in the 2007 Northrop Grumman''s X Prize Cup Lunar Lander Challenge () after the fictional spaceship in Flight, Lauryad.

As the novel vows, "Truth is stranger than fiction because fiction has to be believable."

SOURCES Videos: -- See video interview at BonNova Team leader describes his choice of the name Lauryad for his lunar lander. -- YouTube -- Home Is You -- A musical video by novelist-actress Vanna Bonta incorporates an original song from the book with elements of the Flight story including World Party Day, a global event that is the opposite of a World War. ?v=z3D3byytldw Flight Quantum Fiction Audio @ MySpace

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